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The Hottest Social Media Sensation: TikTok Mania Is Here.

Tik Tok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. If you're looking to get in on this new trend, here's everything you need to know about TikTok and how it can help your restaurant market itself.

How To Supercharge Your iPhone For A Food Photography Experience!

Your iPhone can be one of the most powerful cameras in the world when used correctly. However, it can be difficult to get the right picture composition.

Five dynamic ways to elevate your restaurant Instagram game!

The secret to taking your restaurant Instagram posts to the next level is simple: you have to develop a few specific skills. These include photography, lighting, copywriting, engagement and videography.

Put Your Business on the Map with Hospitality Awards: Brisbane Edition

If you're in the hospitality industry, then you know how competitive it can be. It's a tight market, with many restaurants competing for customers' attention and dollars. However, there are ways you can stand out from the crowd. One way is to receive an award for your business or its products. Awards can help improve your credibility and reputation as well as bring in new customers through increased publicity and marketing opportunities.

Discover Your Ideal Customer: Key Benefits of Growing Your Audience

Are you struggling to gain traction with your business? Perhaps you're not reaching enough potential customers, or you're not getting the engagement you need to grow. One solution is to focus on growing your audience. By building a community of engaged followers, you can increase your reach, establish trust with your customers, and ultimately boost revenue. In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of growing your audience and provide actionable tips to help you achieve success.

Why Your Restaurant's Online Reputation Depends on Review Responses

If you're running a business, you know that it's important to respond to customer feedback. But what about reviews of your business? Is it even worth responding to them?

Spice Up Your Social Media: Interactive Ideas to Promote Your Restaurant

Social media has evolved from a tool to share cute cat videos with your friends and family, to a way for businesses to connect with customers. If you run a restaurant, it's important that you use social media to engage with both existing and potential customers.

Summer Lovin': How to Boost Sales with a Seasonal Restaurant Menu

Summer is here, and that means you need to start thinking about what you can do to increase restaurant sales. Summer is the ideal time for people to visit a restaurant and enjoy their meals outdoors.

Creating a Warm and Welcoming Environment in Your Venue

This blog offers practical tips to create a warm and welcoming environment for customers in the restaurant business. It covers topics such as greeting and seating customers, creating an inviting atmosphere in the bar area, making customers feel at home, offering excellent service, paying attention to ambiance, offering unique experiences, focusing on sustainability, and staying on top of trends. The blog emphasizes the importance of providing an exceptional customer experience, paying attention to small details, and creating a complete experience for customers beyond just good food.

From Comfort Food to Seasonal Specialties: Increase Winter Sales

Running a restaurant during the winter months can present challenges in keeping customers happy. However, by implementing a well-planned and thoughtful winter menu, it is possible to increase profits beyond the usual. One effective strategy for creating a successful winter menu is to focus on incorporating seasonal produce and flavors that are unique to the winter months. This can not only entice customers to try new dishes but also create a sense of excitement and anticipation around the winter menu, helping to draw in customers and keep them coming back throughout the season. Additionally, offering seasonal specials and promotions, such as a winter-themed cocktail menu or a discount on certain dishes during particularly cold days, can also help to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty during the winter months.

Lights, Camera, Action: How Facebook and Instagram Live Can Help You

Facebook and Instagram have been trying to increase their live video offerings for some time now. With all the success that YouTube has seen with its Live platform, it's no surprise that Facebook and Instagram want to get in on the action as well.

Boost Your Restaurant Business: The Power of CRM Systems

If you own, operate or work in a restaurant business, then you know how important it is to track all of your customer data. With the help of a restaurant CRM system, your business will be able to increase sales, decrease costs and improve customer retention rates — all by giving you access to data that helps you understand what's working and what isn't.

Fix Your Failing Restaurant Website: Convert More Customers

In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for any business, including restaurants. This blog provides tips for improving a failing restaurant website, including using engaging photography, clear menu descriptions, effective storytelling, online ordering, promotions and offers, online reviews, mobile optimization, website design and navigation, and analytics and tracking. By implementing these tips, restaurant owners can create an effective website that accurately represents their brand and menu, engages customers, and boosts sales. Continuous monitoring and analysis of website performance is also crucial to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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